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40 Taps

Beer and Cider


Taps 1-40 & Taps 63-66

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22 Taps



Taps 41-52

Our cocktails are made in-house using local and fresh ingredients. Our mixologist Matt DiMare curates the finest craft spirits to include in these cocktails, and we ensure they are well balanced, unique, and delicious. Our cocktails range from classic drinks such as the Old Fashioned to more unique options such as our Spring Forward. Other cocktails include: Manhattan, Strawberry Vodka Lemonade, Paloma, Mojito, Margarita, Vodka Soda w/ Splash o’ Cranberry, and many many more!


White Wine: Tap 53

A mix of domestic and international varietals of white wines.  Wines include brands such as Smith Devereux, Mohua, Miner Family Winery, Tiamo, and many many more!



Red Wine: Taps 54-56

Our red wine taps include a mixture of domestic and international varietals, including brand names such as: North Ave Noir (custom made wine for Tapster!), Ryder Estates, Matchbook Vineyards, Lang & Reed, Perrin, and Summer Water (a Rosé we put on these taps).

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Kombucha Beer


Taps 57-58

Kombucha Beer is a new type of beverage, fusing the tasty and healthy benefits of kombucha with the ABV and variety of beer. We found this amazing beverage through our friends at Unity Vibration in Michigan. They are the world’s largest maker of kombucha beer, and they continue to impress our customers with their variety and quality. Flavors always change but here are some past favorites: Ginger, Bourbon Peach, Sumac Gose, Raspberry, KPA, Elderwand and more…

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Kombucha & Soda


Taps 59-60

Kombucha is a variety of fermented, lightly effervescent sweetened tea, which comes in many flavors. Kombucha is fermented, causing it to contain less than 1% of alcohol. Chicago has some great kombucha brewers, and we like to include as many as possible here at Tapster. Here are some of our amazing partners: Unity Vibration, NessAlla, Arize, Marin, and Kombuchade. Come give this healthy drink a try next time you’re in!
164 Brewing is the brain child of Frank Schiffer and Joshua Carnell. Born from the love of all the unique and interesting craft sodas out in the world; as well as the need for something new…164 Brewing was born. Flavors include: 1881 – A golden cola. Consists of things like chai, maple, mulling spices and citrus peels. A little spice, a little citrusy, and 100% original. Short Shorts – A horchata root beer. Yeah…you read that right. That delicious creamy cinnamon drink you get at your favorite Mexican spot is now paired with a root beer and boy are they the best of friends. Ominous – A hibiscus ginger beer. Ruby red in color; hibiscus isn’t the only little surprise in this drink. Creamy vanilla glides across your pallet and makes this spicy brew a treat to drink.

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Cold Brew Coffee & Lemonade or Ice Tea


Taps 61-62

Cold Brew Coffee is not simply just hot coffee which is cooled down (that’s called “ice coffee”). Cold brew coffee is coffee that’s brewed at room temperature or cold water over a 12 to 24-hour brew time. With an amazing array of flavors and strengths, our cold brew is a great pick-me-up for you non-drinkers. We always source our cold-brew from Chicago brewers, including Big Shoulders, Metric, and Dark Matter.
Our mixologist Matt DiMare likes to include a non-alcoholic option on our taps, which usually comes in the form of either iced tea or lemonade. Flavors in the past have included hibiscus, lemon ginger, and mint coriander.

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